Photograph by Shahnooz Ijaz

Photograph by Shahnooz Ijaz


Role(s): Director, Writer, and Producer


When Suhani first met Hussein she was wearing a bright pink scrunchy and he had on a Spiderman bag pack. Her boundless energy and his quiet resolve became the spark for a wonderful friendship. Almost twenty years later, when they meet again, adulthood has caused that spark to dim. The mundane reality of arranged marriages and a bleak 9 to 5 has become their day to day existence. However, life in Karachi is anything but ordinary and right when things seem darkest- the electricity suddenly comes back. Suhani & Hussein must find themselves and love- before time runs out!

Official Title: Baraf Paani: A Karachi Love Story / Original Languages: Urdu, English  / TRT: 00:58:00 mins

Awards & Festivals:

Winner, Best Production, I AM Karachi Arts Competition 2015

Official Selection, National Academy of Performing Arts International Theatre Festival 2015


Foundation for Museum of Modern Art, Karachi from May 15th- 30th, 2015

Islamabad Club Theatre, Islamabad from July 31st- Aug 3rd, 2015



“In a city where dwellers live by the line ‘always expect the unexpected’,
Baraf Paani is a BREATH OF FRESH AIR”
Dawn News


“With his uniquely interactive screenplay, Bangash has depicted the highs and lows of youth in the fabric of Karachi, with a SPLASH OF SUBTLE HUMOUR, TRAGEDY AND ROMANCE bringing the narrative together... Much to the audience’s DELIGHT”
Express Tribune


Baraf Paani is the kind of play that makes you FALL IN LOVE WITH THEATRE.”
Hip in Pakistan