Dia Reviews from Locarno by hamza bangash

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"This film has literally shocked me....If I had to award a prize, I would give it to this filmmaker for making tangible the mental discomfort, pain and anguish of the protagonist. Congratulations to the young actress."

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This Pakistani short film about mental illness is premiering at Locarno by hamza bangash

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Filmmaker/theatre practitioner Hamza Bangash has developed a knack of dealing with thorny themes. His last short Rang Raaz tackled interfaith marriage in Pakistan. His 2016 play Suno! explored all the ways families can mismanage a loved one's mental illness.

With his latest short film Dia, Hamza gives us another glimpse of the latter reality.

Dia is a psychological thriller based on a true story of a girl who pursues a secret online romance and begins to break away from reality when the pressures of exams and a marriage proposal get too much to handle. Her family tries to treat her breakdown by taking her to a spiritual leader.

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Rang Raaz North American Premiere at MISAFF2017 by hamza bangash

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Rang Raaz in Huffington Post by hamza bangash

Huffington Post

Many people in Pakistan believe that the local film industry is thriving after a long time. However, there is little reality in this commonly held belief. The recent revival is only gilded, not really gold. With the kind of films being released over this year, it seems as if the recent wave of cinema is all set to fizzle out before making any mark.

Having said that, there are still a few filmmakers in Pakistan who are genuinely trying to push boundaries and achieve cinematic merit. These filmmakers focus on bringing real life questions to the screen for the audiences to find their answers.

Hamza Bangash in The Kollective by hamza bangash

The Kollective

It’s difficult to talk about his upcoming film ‘Rang Raaz’ (‘The Secret of Colour’) without pondering over where Pakistani films have catapulted themselves to. From having no releases for years to having multiple movie screenings in a month, we are truly witnessing a marriage of extremes and the young director acknowledges an innate dichotomy, “we have some filmmakers who are making daring, original work that addresses social issues so well,” he says, particularly praising ‘Moor’ and ‘Actor-In-Law’ before adding, “It’s all of the stuff in between that is the problem. The films that are so clearly cash grabs; made with no vision.”

Rang Raaz is 178% funded on Kickstarter by hamza bangash


"It's kind of astounding.  

When this all began, I hadn't planned for Rang Raaz to come to Kickstarter.  I had no idea if this idea would work; if we'd even be able to raise enough to cover post-production. And here we are, with over $3,151 more than we asked for.  Seriously, things usually don't work out this way. Especially when you're trying to make a movie.  Usually, things fall through.  Usually, you fail, and you just have to get up and you try again.  And so when your faith is rewarded, when you put something out into the world and discover that you're not just shouting into a vacuum--that there are other people out there who want to be a part of the act of creation as much as you want to create--it leaves you kind of stunned."

Hamza Bangash in Catch News by hamza bangash

Catch News

"That's what we tried to do with Rang Raaz, and I think that's why the trailer for the film has resonated with so many people. That's the direction our cinema needs to be headed towards. Bollywood creates some amazing movies, but we can't compete with them on budget. India has nurtured their film artists for almost a century. The Pakistani film industry needs to work together on discovering it's own own identity."

Suno! To be staged at the Karachi Arts Council by hamza bangash

The Nation

Suno! a theatre production being performed at the Arts Council in Karachi from the 27th to 30th April. Suno! is written and directed by Hamza Bangash, the creative director at CityLights Productions, whose previous play Baraf Paani was awarded the prize for best production at the IAM Karachi Arts Festival last year. The play traces the journey of Gulzar’s mental illness, beginning with the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s death which Gulzar’s mother and grandmother seem unwilling to discuss. Gulzar's journey encompasses much of what other sufferers of mental illness go through: a fall out with his friends, a feeling of rejection, complete meaninglessness and disconnection, the critical step of coming to terms with his mental illness and ultimately, his journey of recovery.

Qalambaaz Screenwriting Fellows 2016 by hamza bangash


With pride, in just year two, 'Qalambaaz' boasts writers from various cities of Pakistan in its rising class for this year, as well as successful mentors from India, the US, and Italy. This year’s mentors include Ivana Massetti, Uttam Sirur, and returning mentors Sumit Roy, Amit Kumar, and Zak Shaikh.